What are Adobe Lightroom CC Presets?

Lightroom is a professional photography editing program. I use it to edit my photos and create the photography styles that you know me for. When I love a particular look I will save it as a preset. A preset means that the edits I have made are saved and can now be applied to any photo automatically. The presets you find on this website are the exact presets I use to edit my own photography. The simplest way to think of them is like a filter.


How do I use Adobe Lightroom CC preset?

It’s really easy! When you download your preset you will receive a written instruction guide that shows you how to install them. Once you have your presets installed in Lightroom CC (either on desktop or phone), you simply upload the photos you want to edit and then click on the preset option. Your photo will instantly be edited. 


What programs do I need to use your presets?

As mentioned above, you just need Adobe Lightroom CC. This app can be downloaded to both desktop and mobile. My presets work with the free version of this phone app. You MUST download the desktop version of Lightroom CC first as this is how you will transfer them to your phone. 

Lightroom CC Desktop requires macOS 10.13 or later / Windows 10 - 

Not supported on Windows 10 version 1511, 1607, and 1709.

Once you do this they will be on your phone for good, so you will not need a desktop at any point other then this. You can choose to either purchase Lightroom CC for desktop which is $14 a month or (I recommend) downloading the free trial just to be able to sync them to your phone.

If you do not have access to a computer or laptop, please email emdaviespresets@gmail.com with your purchase details before opening or downloading your link. You will receive a new mobile direct link for your purchase as long as you have not proceeded to download the desktop version. 

Will my presets work with phone photos?

The best results will be when you use the presets on RAW images (such as when shot on a DSLR or similar), however they do also work on all JPEGS which is what phone photos are. Since all images are different you may need to do some tweaking to achieve a particular look, but this is super easy to do.


How do I adjust the preset to suit every photo?

After applying your preset, you may need to change the lighting depending on the type of photo. It's simple, go into the LIGHT section and slide the EXPOSURE bar up or down to achieve the right lighting. Sometimes I fine tune the HIGHLIGHTS and WHITES depending on the results I want.

Each preset pack will pick up skin tones differently, the simplest way to adjust your skin tone is using the mix section in the COLOUR module. Always adjust the Luminance & Saturation of ORANGE to achieve the right tone. 


How do I receive my presets?

When you purchase them, you will receive a download link in an email. This link is limited to one download per order so please make sure this is opened on your desktop not Mobile phone.